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Episode 4: What next?

So, here I am, keys in my hands and an amazing project in front of me. Adrenaline kicks in, can't wait to start destroying decaying walls and rotten floors.

After the hammer sledge stops singing, the house will be an empty hull, eager to get back her old forgotten glory.

Before going into action, you need to know what you want to achieve. How do you even start?

Well, you need to see what is "wrong" in the first place and what are the strong points of the apartment.

First challenge: letting light in

The apartment was absolutely dark and this due to many factors:

- too many interior walls, creating little spaces and blocking natural light

- old windows

- closed balcony in the kitchen area

- closed terrace in the living room

Second challenge: adding storage space (wardrobes):

All older apartments lack of storage space, as before people had much less clothing and shoes than we have today. Since it is not possible to make the apartment bigger, you need to be clever and "create" space.

Third challenge: creating a second bathroom:

Astonishing enough, this apartment had two bathrooms, or better one bathroom and one laundry with a toilet. Washing habits have changed overtime too, thus we need more than one bathroom for 4 people. The tiny laundry had to become a second bathroom.

Forth challenge: al fresco space

In the past most of the apartment in Cascais had a balcony or a terrace that were closed over time to create more living space. I love to open these spaces again and create cosy balconies/terraces where you can enjoy lovely summer evenings. Here comes the sun!

Fifth challenge: family friendly living space

I love to create apartments where I would love to live in. Well, this is when I remodel my own apartments, at least, which is the case here.

Most apartments in Cascais have a tiny kitchen that is usually long and narrow, corridor kitchens, as I call them. If you love cooking (which I do), you must be segregated in this unwelcoming space, far from everybody else. Why would it be strange that women do not like to cook any longer?

What I like to create are beautiful open space kitchen/living rooms, where you can make a cake while being with your loved ones.

Bearing all above in mind, I have come with the following layout:


Living room with open terrace

Doll house view

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