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T5 in Alcabideche, 400 m2

I live with my two kids, two dogs and 4 cats in a house in Alcabideche. The house has been built 12 years ago with high quality materials and all comfort one can wish. And yet.....  yes, and yet, it was not me who built the house and taste changes over time.

I dedicate my time and talent to create HOMES, places where people feel happy. I cannot rest until the project is finished and can't wait to start a new one and give new life to yet another sad apartment or house.

Some months ago, my daughter came to me and said: "I wish I could live in one of Maya's homes. What you create is so beautiful, why can't you do your magic here, in our house?"

"Ever heard of the shoemaker's children who sometimes go barefoot? " I asked. "I promise that this will be my next project".


So, back in March, in sink with the spreading of COVID 19 we started breaking, banging, dismantelling and rebuilding. We have campted in our house for 5 long months. The worst nightmare has been the kitchen. OMG.

Was it hard? You can guess it was! But it was so worth it....

Please have a look at what we achieved. Since the house is big, I'll show you just some parts of it.


façade before
remodelled façade



modern white kitchen
oval table
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