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House Renovation & Interior Design

Renovating a house or an apartment can be exciting, thrilling, a great adventure.

Unfortunately, it can also be a major headache and ultimately a nightmare.


Especially if you are renovating for the first time, or for the first time in Portugal, where you do not know the legislation, local rules, language, supplier base, pricing, etc.

Sometimes we want change but we do not have the vision of what we would like to see as end result , or we neither have time to check on the works progress on daily basis or simply we lack technical knowledge to assess the quality of the materials and execution.

Imagine how convenient it can be to delegate all this to one single person who will turn your ideas and wishes into reality!The service I offer covers all above and much more. 


All projects start with brainstorming, ideas exchange and definition of what you desire. I then create realistic 3D renders that illustrate your home after renovation. If you are happy with what you see, the works can start


As from that point, I'll be responsible for materials that will be used and works execution, choice of contractors, licences, etc.

It will be of course up to you to choose tiles, wood, paint colour, kitchen, stone, appliances, etc. I'll be of course there at all times to give you good advice and to negotiate best conditions and prices.


And if you have not bought your house yet, I can advise you on the house quality and price, approximate renovation costs and execution time.


When I look for an apartment, I do not really care in what conditions it is as I know that I will destroy it all to build it again from scratch. Electricity, plumbing, gas installation, air conditioning need to be replaced in most cases, since I usually buy apartments that are over 20 years old and have installations that are no longer corresponding to current safety and legal requirements.


Older apartments often do not reflect our lifestyle that changed over time.  Wardrobes are usually tiny, there is one bathroom for 2/3 bedrooms, kitchen is little and segregated from the living room.


In Portugal it is also very typical that open spaces like balconies have been closed up to add space to the kitchen/living room/bedrooms.


I find that sun and fresh air are a must have, especially in a country like Portugal, so, when ever possible, I create a space outdoor.


Another pitfall in Portugal is heating. 90% of the apartment do not have any heating. Do not trust those who tell you that there is no need to heat the house in winter. Winters can be chilly, but they certainly are damp and you will start feeling humidity in your home and there is no worse feeling. It is for me imperative to add hot and cold air conditioning of top quality and low electricity consumption. Trust me: you will use more often the heating function than the cooling one. Nights are usually chilly and you will probably need air conditioning in your bedroom 3 or 4 times a year.

And last, but not least, my homes need to be SUSTAINABLE. They are well insulated, with top quality windows, all appliances are low CO2 emission ones (A++ and above), we re-use all materials we can (old doors, old wooden floors, etc.), where possible we install heat pump air conditioning, solar panels, etc.


To describe better what do, I will take as example one of my  projects, a T2 in Fontainhas.



When I first entered the apartment, I knew it had to be mine. The big living room with huge windows overlooking a kids park and vegetable garden, with no vis-à-vis was a unique feature. The amazing thing about this apartment is that it is a first floor from the road (so, 7 steps) and 4th floor once you are inside. How amazing is this?

Big windows and view

And the project started....

First I have made a new architectural plan of what the apartment will look like. My team will use it to understand which walls need to be taken down, where will be the new bathroom, the new kitchen layout, electricity plugs, etc.

It is very important to know on day A where you want to be on day Z.  You need to think about every single detail, as projecting in a software is only a click away, but in real life, adding a plug where need it and you forgot about it, costs time and money.

Plan creation

Such a plan is necessary, but, honestly, it does not "speak loud enough" to most people.

Who would not like to see the future and know what the apartment will look like after the remodelling?

This is, in my book, not only a nice to have feature, but a necessity.

How can you know if you will like it if you do not know what it will look like? 

That is why I create 3D- renders that take you directly to the day when you will be able to move in!

Original Kitchen

Kitchen as I imagined and designed: These are 3D renders and are totally computer made

Image (20).jpeg

Works started: kitchen has been totally stripped off

Kitchen today

kitchen A4.jpg
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