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Episode 1: A horder's nest

I sometimes enjoy watching reality shows about people who suffer form hoarding disorder. I watch and I comment aloud and sometimes I even asked myself if this is not staged. Who in this world would live in such a place? How can one fall in such decay? How much of it is even real?

And then, back in June, I saw this with my own eyes!

I went to see an apartment that was on sale in a nice neighbourhood of Alapraia, 5 minutes away from the beach. I met the real estate agent in front of the house and he wanted to have a chat with me before entering the building. I imagined, this would be some kind of information concerning the price, or negotiation strategy.

Never would I have imagined what followed: "Here are the keys, I do not get inside again, I got sick last time."

Did I hear it right?

Yes, I did.

So, there I was standing, finger on the bell, not knowing what kind of surprise was waiting for me inside.

When the door opened for me, smell hit me first, followed by darkness. When I switched on the lamp on my iPhone, my eyes did not believe what they saw. And then they opened wide in disbelief. I guess my mouth was open too, but I closed it pretty fast, otherwise I would have suffocated.

The first reaction was to turn around and leave the place. Then curiosity won over. Luckily I am not a cat, otherwise I would be most certainly dead (got it?).

I wanted to take some pictures, but the owner gently asked to respect his privacy. I immediately thought of the idiom about "washing dirty laundry" in public. And believe me, the laundry basket was pretty full!

The real estate agent was still standing outside and looked at me in disbelief when I said: "I will buy the place!"


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