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Home is a magic word.


If we close our eyes and think of home, it brings us back memories about family, love and values.

We feel an immediate warmth at heart and childhood smells almost become tangible.

It is our safe haven where we look for cosiness after a crazy day and for comfort when we are in pain.


Our Home is where we belong.

I have left my childhood home quite young, eager to find out what is out there.

I have lived in many countries, met fantastic people, learned about different cultures, food and ways of living.

I have been often asked if it is not difficult for me to leave everything behind and simply go to live elsewhere.

One day I realised why it was so easy for me to live virtually anywhere, from rainy Belgium to sunny Greece.


Because I had my HOME.

Simply fascinating. HOME was the keyword.

Architecture and design have been part of me since I can remember.


Every building, every room talks to me. Their walls are filled with energy of people who lived there, they shout loud to those who want to hear them.

And so it all started. I have decided to give a new life to old, no longer loved apartments. To give them back the dignity they have lost over time and deserve to get back.

And I have decided to create homes instead of apartments, places that will make you feel home no matter where you come from.

Maya's houses are totally remodelled with high quality materials and quality execution, they are modern yet warm and welcoming, functional yet cosy.

My mission is to create your home far from home.

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