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What is Interior Design?


Interior Design is a process that starts with the first visit of the house/apartment /shop/restaurant that needs to be remodelled and it ends when the last little decoration detail is in place. And especially, when the Customer loves what he sees.

How does it work?

I love to meet with my  Potential Customer over a coffe for an informal chat first. Redesigning somebody' home is influencing a family's life: a big responsibility. The key to success is understanding the expectations, needs, preferences, tastes and to trust each other.

After this first meeting we go to see the place. During this first visit I will detect what structural works need  to be done (windows, electricity, piping, gas, airco, heating, etc.) and will inform the Customer accordingly.

We will also talk about the family needs: how many bathrooms do you need? How many rooms? Where does the family spend most of the time? Do you like cooking? Entertain friends and family? How many kids will live here? What age? Do you have pets? Does anybody have allergies? Why do you want to change your home? What is your biggest need? More space? More storage? More light?

Next we talk about taste. We want a healthy place for sure, but it needs to be cosy and beautiful too. Taste is very relative and I need to understand what kind of interior architecture my customer finds appealing.

At this point, the customer can show me pictures from internet, magazines, etc. which will make me understand real fast what is the preferred style, color combination, etc. If you want a rococo apartment, you can have it. It your thing is shaby chick, let's go with it. If you prefer victorian or nordic decor, fantastic!

At this point I will prepare a 2D and a 3D plan where we can see what the different rooms will look like. I'll take in consideration the Customer's needs and wishes. There will certainly be a version 1, 2 and 3.

If the Customer likes the ideas, whe go ahead, otherwise we change the design until total satisfaction.

At this point we will have a pretty good idea about what we need to change in the current flat/house so we need to start budgeting. I will prepare a detailed list of requested works and the price for the execution. If the Customer prefers to choose another building company at this point, of course, this is absolutely possible. There are two more options: Customer chooses the builder and I supervise the execution, and last, my company takes care of the works.

Customer choses.

Who will do the works?

I have a team of extremely skilled professionals who have been working exclusively for me for years. I also have a list of trusted contractors that have been delivering excellent work for a long while.

My Customer does not need to worry about execution, this is my responsibility and I will check works on a daily basis. Alternatively, the Customer can choose an alterantive building company to carry out the works.

What follows?

For Cutomers that choose my company for works, at this point I create Sample Boards.

Based on the customer's taste and preferences I'll suggest various combinations (of floors, tiles, colors) that would be harmonious together. The Customer will choose what he/she prefers.

The same goes with the kitchen, bathrooms, furniture, etc. Here some examples:




dining rooms.jpg
living room.jpg
office corner.jpg
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